At Talent2Grow we care about your employees in an international relocation.
We offer customized solutions, adapted to the economic and operational needs of our client companies.

Our approach to Relocation Services is through the figure of the Personal Consultant (Relocation Personal Consultant).
We are ready to offer specific Relocation services for transfers from any country in the world.
Increasing demand for Madrid relocations due to the BREXIT process.

Our Relocation Personal Consultants are bilingual or native in the client's language.
They have the cultural background and skills needed to advise on a smooth transition for our clients.

As a company the best way to look after your employees is to trust the Talent2Grow Personal Consultants.


We facilitate the international mobility of expatriate executives. Talent2Grow offers personalized advice tailored to the needs of the company and the executive. The objective is to ease the integration and adaptation of the family to the new destination.

Talent2Grow Relocation Services


Information about the area
The first orientation on the best areas to live according to the needs of the executive, will take into account the location of the company and the options of schools and other services. Once the area is selected, a dossier will be provided with information on the main shopping, leisure and any other services that the family may require. Our Personal Consultants will offer the possibility of accompanying to the main shopping centers, facilitating contacts with expatriate clubs and helping to resolve doubts that may arise during the transition.
Integration processes and paperwork
Orientation on basic steps to regularize their situation in Spain such as local registration, obtaining the Social Security number, getting the health card, managing the process for a residence or work permit, driving license, advice on private health insurance, opening of bank accounts, registering in the consulate when necessary, among many other possible services in this chapter. We work with the best immigration and tax advisors that can make the adaptation much more comfortable.
School Search
Advice in the search of the preferred school more aligned with the family needs within the selected area. This means to know first the educational needs: ages, languages, sports preferences and any other particularities. We analyze the differences between the educational systems of origin and destination in order to take the required school courses. Secondly, we develope a dossier with the characteristics of the possible centers, their selection processes and dates of access, documents, tests and interviews required, to facilitate selection to parents. Finally, we provide the contacts or appointments necessary for the parents and/or students in the chosen centers, offering the accompaniment in all cases.
Housing Search
Advice in the search of a temporary housing (Hotel or Apartment type) or rent. We also help in case the decision is to purchase, either through direct search with private clients with whom we work, or through specialized agencies in the chosen area. The service consists in generating a dossier on the area with the alternatives, facilitate the contacts to visit the houses and even guide on the associated services if necessary.
Other Services
Our concept of relocation as a personalized service, leads us to advise and help to solve any type of needs that may arise along the transition to our client and the family. This may include, but is not limited to, support for the procurement of basic commodities and supplies such as gas, water, electricity ,TV, fiber/adsl. Also support to find sporting activities like tennis, golf, gyms. Support with specific recommendations linked to preferences or hobbies such as restaurants, cinemas, soccer & basket tickets, and leisure in general. Portfolio of services to facilitate may include also translation services, language classes, religious services, search for local associations and any other element that can make the relocation process more complete and satisfactory.