The Human Resources Department of a company has to be the engine of the transformation of the company, the one challenging the status quo, the one which is on permanent observation of new ways of doing things differently that benefit the business. For this reason, our model of people management helps to create, develop, challenge, shake and promote entrepreneurial initiatives, at the same time that shows how to manage transitions involving radical changes in the model, taking care to always apply the solution more convenient for the employee in a professional manner: taking care of the individuals.

The society and the company today need passionate people for what they do, who consider themselves fans of the company in which they work, that is why solutions in people management should take this requirement into account to be successful.


Outsourcing some functions of your Human Resources Department
If you need new approaches, different ideas with the guarantee of knowledge and proven experience. If your priority is to focus your human resources function on critical projects, you can count on our support for that. If you intend to release your Human resources Department of some specific functions, you can also count on our experience to give you a quality service at a competitive cost. This is a taylor made solution, which can perfectly start by outsourcing some functions or specific projects and later evolve towards more ambitious models.

"The only permanent thing in the world is Change"
Mergers and Acquisitions
The wide experience in complex projects of transformation of companies involving profound organizational changes, changes of plans, compensation schemes, layoffs, cultural changes, training and development of people, recruitment of new profiles, etc. Mange all this at the same time and in a professional manner, consistent and well communicated to people is, without any doubt, one of our specialties.
Talent Identification and Development
Management of key talent is a commonly used expression, but in reality there are very few companies that do it in a professional manner, and the few that do, are minority that doing it fully integrated in their culture. Why we prefer to talk about key talent, first because for us key talents, are persons with capacity to grow and add value everywhere, not only in your organization and secondly, because you must have many cases of people that may not grow to reach a General Manager position but whose drive, motivation and experience spread across the company.
Training, CSR and Corporate Volunteering
We are able to respond with tailored plans to your training needs, preparing from the definition, delivery, monitoring of the quality and applicability of the plans, that means, if the budget that you've invested in training meet your actual operational needs. We also manage the obtaining of grants and subsidies of any public body or local or regional government. Corporate Social responsibility should be an essential part of the companies. Talent2grow offers solutions to delve into this subject and in particular offers support in the management of corporate volunteering programs. We have designed a Workshop in which both include the coordination of the active participation of your employees as volunteers for NGOs together with training and reflection which allow, on the same day, a multiplier effect of the advantages of this type of action in any organization.
Recruitment and Selection
We are ready to solve your specific needs of experts of any level to respond successfully to your short or medium-term operational requirements, and also, we are able to perform a proactive service of identification of potential candidates for your future projects.
Compensation, benefits and international mobility
To have modern schemes, flexible, competitive, adapted in cost and attractive within your environment should be the guidelines for your plans in these matters. We offer the experience of having renovated, updated and effectively communicated global plans of national and international companies from the most diverse cultures, even having effectively managed mergers and acquisitions of companies in Europe, Middle East and Africa and in America. We are prepared to provide the most attractive solution for all actors at the right cost, adapted to your needs and taking into account the labour framework of the country.
Labour relations and payroll
Our contribution in this area ranges from the assignment of specific subjects to the outsourcing of certain functions. The experience that we bring in all the elements related to the negotiation of Collective Agreements, negotiation of individual or group layoffs or changes in your labour policies, is broad and successful, offering you the guarantee of a genuine partner that allows you to properly manage your resources.
Subsidies in Spain
We are ready to help you manage any subsidy related to your activity. Sometimes, obviously, companies are not fully updated on the latest opportunities to earn extra income, even by usual activity. Count on us if you want to just check if you are getting everything.